Sindy Cremer

Born in Venezuela to Dutch parents. My father’s job took us to various oil-producing countries before settling down in the Netherlands.

Completed secondary school there (Atheneum A, pre-university education). My objective to study languages subsequently fell through due to personal circumstances.

Legal studies

Worked in admin jobs and management support for a few years. Aged 25, took up evening classes in Dutch law at the University of Leiden. Passed the propaedeutic exam, finished 75% of the master’s programme and successfully completed the main subject (Civil Law) in 1988.

Advertising sector

Started a career in advertising media that same year, culminating in management positions in Argentina and the Baltics. Did not complete law school due to residing abroad and my heavy workload.

Translator (passionate about legal matters)

Quit the advertising media scene in 2001 and settled in Ireland. Revived my dormant love of and passion for language, working full time as an EN-NL translator by 2005. But roots can’t be denied, so I couldn’t resist immersing myself in studying legal translation at home in 2009.
Moved to the more temperate climate of France in 2012 to escape the Irish rain.

Personal interests

When not working with language, you can find me in my garden or reading a good book. I am not into social media (except for a profile on LinkedIn) – I keep up with current events through (among other things) the BBC.