As a result of using English intensively in my youth (school & social life) and throughout my career, I have become bilingual in English and Dutch. However, I am and will always be a Dutch native speaker and will never profile myself otherwise.

My work focuses on translating legal, business-related and marketing texts from English into Dutch. I also provide legal translations from Dutch into English for several Dutch law firms.

I do not take on NL-EN translation work in any other disciplines. I do not accept translation assignments that are outside my realm of knowledge. As a result I do not accept medical, scientific, highly technical, sports-related or other specialist assignments.

Marketing translations

My marketing translations into Dutch flow well without ever giving the reader a sense of ‘reading a translation’. I fully understand the concept of marketing and advertising and the job that a marketing text is supposed to do. My translations reflect that understanding.

Legal translations

I pride myself on being accurate and meticulous: my legal translations are faithful and do not contain any of the fundamental errors so often made by self-pronounced ‘specialists’ in the field.

Through self-study and intensive reading – and with the help of a vast array of specialist dictionaries and reference materials – I have acquired a thorough knowledge of Anglo-American law, which differs considerably from Dutch law.

Translation software

I am a seasoned translator with hundreds of thousands of words and segments in my TMs (translation memories), covering a wide range of subjects.

The translation software I currently work with is SDL Studio 2019.

I am connected to the web by satellite and cannot work in the cloud as the signal is too low.